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Veracruz - Tabasco - Chiapas

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awesomeness to be on the road again and seeing new parts of Mexico. Palenque y las Tierras Zapatistas were definitely the highlights of the last three days. Today pimpin' the ride Chiapas-style, i.e. raising it and adding some hardcore suspension - finetuning for when the adventure starts for realzzzz -Guatemala mañana, eso!
Here are some pictures from these three states.

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Un año chingón en el DeFectuoso

all seasons in one day
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I can't really say that I am surprised by the fact that the 3 months, I initially thought I would stay here as a stopover on the way to Patagonia, turned into a year. But just over the last month bits and pieces started coming together that I felt if I ever want to travel the Panamericana to Patagonia - the time is NOW. I could philosophy about this - but fact is, things are coming to a nice close here and places to be discovered are calling and I feel this opportunity to just go out and wander may pass one day. I guess this has been a constant somewhat, this anxiety that opportunities are going to vanish. This feeling of missing a moment or missing out on an adventure, that an opportunity won't present itself again. I cannot deny the comfort of just staying put of not disrupting the day-to-day order, yet, few things truly get to me as much as over-predictability. Yes, security, a place to belong to are fundamental, but too much of it and too little sparks - no way, güey. I will miss quite a few people from here dearly and am sad to leave this grand city and my friends, with who I shared so many unforgettable moments, which make me burst out laughing just thinking about them - but paths always cross again if one makes an effort.
Not to continue to ramble; since this blog was supposed to be about posting what I am seeing, here are some pictures from this past year from el pinche Malinche, Playa Bonfil at Acapulco, Oaxaca, Yucatan mit Mami und Papi!, Baja California with the gang, el Chepe y las Rarámuris en las Barrancas del Cobre and of course pictures of some moments, in which I remembered to take my camera in and around el DF.

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Alrededor de Mexico!

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I will add to this album some of the things that I am seeing in and around DF!

Mexico Lindo!

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La Corrida de Mexico hacia la Ciudad de Mexico

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What a trip across the border and along the Pacific Coast to finally end up in Mexico City!

Here are some pictures of the way to Mexico City - will add some stories, right now just sooo involved in Mexico City - what a bustling place! here are some first pictures from the city


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