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to the border

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trying to break up a long drive we made some really nice stops in Sequioa National Park and Joshua Tree National Park - dearly needed time to play in between. if there would have only been more time to take it all in with some hikes. next time!

some 'professional tourism' snapshots


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Santa Cruz, Sonoma and San Francisco

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after dusting off in Lake Tahoe the coast to the West continued - and finally arrived at the Pacific! Santa Cruz! a fitting place after taking a surf board across the desert for 5500 miles - if it would not have been so late... surf looked great nonetheless.
San Francisco: always splendid - hanging with Lara, picking up co-pilot number 2, too bad that I didn't take many pictures.
Sonoma with the Piness - swell!
the fun on the West coast ended with a tearful goodbye of copilot number 1.

here are the pictures


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Burning Man!

sunny 30 °C
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some video and pictures for those with patience and time..

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pictures from the ride through Utah are here

a good trip through Utah, after a night in the brewery (news to me that they exist and even appear to be the place to be in Salt Lake City) we headed down to Arches National Park for some gourmet camping food in the desert, hiking through the heat and mountain biking Slick Rock and Porcupine Rim - something I always wanted to do - it did not disappoint!

copilot speaking: "had an amazing day on the trail with my friend - enjoyed Utah's unique nature"

so much from the Beehive State.

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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park

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pictures are here

I spent very nice days in Yellowstone National Park and on my way out hiked the Grand Tetons. Encountering three bears - at safe distance, hiking down the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, wandering through the bubbling landscapes of geysers, swimming in crystal clear lakes - feeling refreshed for the desert! -in a hurry have to pick up copilot #1!

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Black Hills, Custer, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

the far West of South Dakota

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made my way through the bikers who had descended on the area the past weekend [Sturgis is their Mecca] to indulge in more outdoor fun in the Black Hills, Custer State Park with its Spires (truly cathedral spires) - and evidence that some people are rather fond of stone carving - respect to the dedication (Mount Rushmore done after 14 years --- Crazy Horse started in 1948 and will be somewhat close to its completion in around 30 years) - but the hills also awe without carvings! fo'sure!
for pictures check

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Badlands National Park, South Dakota

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Photos from Badlands and some things on the way click here

The Badlands truly blew my socks off - especially after driving for 11 hours straight after which I felt one with that rattling engine of THE ride - the Badlands such rugged landscape, perfect to hike and climb and get lost in its otherworldly stone formations. Pitched my tent in the park and gazed at stars throughout the night - the Perseid Meteor shower was showering it deep through the night - got a few things of my wish list -check. (astronomy HUZZAA!)
where next? further West!

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Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Madison

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how cool is Milwaukee?
the Milwaukee Art Museum with the Burke Brise Soleil is OUT there
but no peeps from Greenpoint at the abandoned Pabst brewery

Madison also knows how to put on a show - check Wisconsin Photo Album

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quality time with Ralph
Lollapalooza -music abound
Lake Michigan -discussions on how to generate wind
Quality architecture
For more Pictures click: Picasa Chicago Album

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starting the treck - from NY to Detroit

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here is what I set out to do:
Travel across the US from New York to San Francisco with some prime stops and good friends along the way. Then turn South, work for a while in Mexico City and continue to Patagonia on the Panamericana. Let's see when I get there..

---excited for the months to come---

At the start of the trip the odometer of THE ride read 108 323 miles.
Left New York on 04th of August for a first stop after 650 miles in Detroit
-an interesting place Photo Album - Detroit

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